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A Little About Me

I am a PhD Candidate at the Warsaw School of Economics at the Collegium of Business Administration.


I have graduated with a Master's Degree in International Economy from Warsaw School of Economics in 2016 and a Bachelor's Degree in International Relations from University of Łódź in 2014.

Since the beginning of my PhD studies in 2016, I have published a number of scientific publications in Polish as well as in English on a variety of topics.

Aside from my academic experience, I have active professional experience in banking and consulting. Currently employed as Internal Auditor at Santander Bank Polska S.A. 


Academic Research Survey

This academic research survey sets out to explore the contribution of the cultural differences towards innovation in three distinct countries whose rapid development started in the early 1990’s.


This academic research survey is a crucial part of my research related to my PhD studies at the Warsaw School of Economics at the Collegium of Business Administration. The information provided through answers in this survey will be solely used for my PhD thesis.


Moreover, the survey itself guarantees personal anonymity, and the questions are designed to collect general opinions, views etc. based on answers given.

Below is attached the letter of recommendation from my academic supervisors.


My Recent Research

My research is focused mainly on National Innovation System theory, with general interest in Innovation Management and Entrepreneurship.

Below are listed two of my most recent publications.

Transition Economy of Vietnam: A New Horizon of Opportunities

This chapter analyzes free-market oriented reforms in Vietnam through the lens of the model of a transitional economy. The author comes to the conclusion that the process of transformation in Vietnam could be further enhanced by bridging together academia and the private sector in order to enable a more innovative economy.

(available in English)

Strategies of enterprise innovation in hypercompetitive conditions

A joint publication by M. Jurdeczka and K.M. Kraj.
The aim of the article is to propose the path of transition between different types of an innovation strategy that can be adopted by companies operating in hypercompetition. In order to depict this path, two typologies of innovation strategies presented in the literature are discussed in this article. The discussion is enriched with examples of innovation-oriented companies drawn on the article’s authors’ research.

(available in Polish)


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